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UPDATE: the "slick" default Ajui implementation has been put on the backburner in favor of an SWT implementation. This doesn't mean that slick will not continue development, but that it will be put on hold until the SWT implementation is complete. This decision was made to facilitate a sooner AJUI release date.

Everyone loves screen shots, here's one of the AJUI BasicWindowTest using the Slick implementation. This is just a preview of AJUI, there will be more screen shots posted as AJUI is developed.

In this screen shot the "Home" button is focused and has an image aligned to the left. You can also see That it's slightly gradient painted. The "Home" button has anchors attached to the right and the bottom of it, so it stays in the bottom right corner at all times (even when the window is resized). The "close" button has an image aligned to the right and it has left and right anchors, so it grows as the window is resized.
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