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So you want to contribute to the development and growth of AJUI? Great! We could use your help, wether you would like to beta test AJUI releases, make enhancement requests, write code or documentation, create an AJUI implementation, donate hardware or money for the developers involved with AJUI, we can use you! Send an email to brian@briandilley.com for more information.

Are you a Java hacker? AJUI is in need of java programmers. Some of the things that need to be worked on are:
    The default AJUI implementation (most likely SWT).
    A lightweight XML\XUL parser. (completed)
    MVC action engine.

Documentation is a KEY aspect to the AJUI project. The following aspects of AJUI need documentation, flow charts, anything else that you can think of:
    The basic AJUI API
    XML\XUL specification for AJUI
    MVC Action engine
    The layout engine
    How to create an AJUI implementation